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The five truths of Synthetic Biology (ASBTEC workshop)

What are the minimum necessary elements for life? Is it possible to design a microorganism from 0? Is it possible to modify an organism or a molecule in order to perform a function which does not exist in nature? What are the future applications of genetic engineering?

These are the questions that Synthetic Biology tries to answer. This field, which has been gaining importance during the last decade, understands biology from the point of view of an engineer. Its main goals currently are the identification of the minimum necessary elements for life, standardization and modularization of the different parts of biological system, orthogonalization and stabilization of a biological systems, that is, slowing down evolution.

This course is an introduction to synthetic biology and will analyze the latest breakthroughs in this field and its current impact. The goals of this course are:

  •         Define and describe synthetic biology 
  •         Promote the different investigations in this field
  •         Analyze the ethical implication of this field 
  •        Promote and divulge synthetic biology


At whom is it aimed to?

This course is aimed at anyone related to the field of Biotechnology who is interested in synthetic biology, either professionals or students. The course has a powerful program with master conferences, debates and a round table.


Where and when?

The course “The five truths of Synthetic Biology” will take place on 2 nd of October in room Fèlix Serratosa in Parc Científic de Barcelona, from 9h to 18h.


 9-9.30h: Welcome, collect material* and acreditation.

 9.30-10.30h: 9.30-10.30h: Dr. Luis Serrano of Center for Genomic Regulation of Barcelona: Design of Biological Systems & Intelligent drugs

 10.30-11h: Coffee Break

 11-12h: Dr. Jordi Garcia Ojalvo Department of Experimental and Health Sciences of UPF: Synthetic Biology as a tool to understand life

 12-13h: Dr. Rui Alves del Department of Medical Sciences of the University of Lleida: Artificial life & Protocell

 13-14.30h: Lunch time

 14.30-15.30h: Dr. Angel Goñi of CSIC: Metabolic engineering

 15.30-16.30h: Dr.  Manuel Porcar of Cavanilles' Institute,  Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, University of Valènica: Designing the non-designed


16.30-18h: Workshop: “The present and future of synthetic biology” with:Dr. Luis Serrano, Dr. Angel Goñi, Dr. Manuel Porcar, Dr. Jordi Garcia i Dr. Rui Alves

 *Material: Pen and a folder.

 Fees of workshop:

The fees include the material, coffee break, lunch and a certificate.

  1. ASBTEC's members: Free
  2. I want to be member of ASBTEC: 15€.
              *This price includes the fee of ASBTEC member until December of 2016.
  3. I don't want to be a member of ASBTEC but I want to assist to this workshop: 20€

Registration is closed 

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Any doubts?

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